Jstu Elite’s Molle Panel Set

Introducing the newest addition to the Jstu Elite’s product line, the Jstu Elite’s Molle Panels. This storage kit includes two bedside molle panels (one left and one right side) to increase your Ridgeline’s storage capabilities to a whole other level. We designed them to flow with your truck’s style so they blend in and do not impede your bed space.

Jstu Elite's New Ridgeline Storage Kit

With the Jstu Elite’s Molle Panels, you can mount a huge variety of gear to the Iinner bed walls of your truck. Those same items could be rolling/sliding/crashing around inside the bed –  damaging the item and/or your truck! Use the grid to mount straps, brackets, and anything else you can think of.


Add more storage to your Ridgeline!

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Customize Your Honda Ridgeline

Our storage panels allow you to truly make your Ridgeline your own. Are you a camper? Mount your folding chairs, water containers, fuel containers, grilling gear all securely against the bedsides. Are you an overlander? Mount your offroad tools to the panels, shovel, traction boards, hatchets, air compressor – anything! Perhaps you just use your Ridgeline for home improvement runs and the occasional “help me move” load? Our Molle Panels add a limitless amount of ways to secure your items and keep things up and out of the way.


Our Jstu Elite’s Molle Panels are made out of super durable, 3/16” thick 5000 series aluminum, and powder coated for added protection/style.


Both of our storage panels come with a set of (5) spacers and (5) bolts for each bedside panel. Simply remove the original bedside torx bolts, line up our Molle Panels and spacers with the holes, then thread the bolts in. We suggest doing a loose fit and then securing them after you are happy with the fitment/alignment.

Jstu Elite’s Molle Panel Set


Jstu Elite’s Molle Panel Set


Jstu Elites was created for the sole purpose of providing fellow Honda Ridgeline owners with the means to upgrade the look and functionality of their trucks with the first and only 'RidgeRack' for the Honda Ridgeline.

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